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I Celebrated 30 At The Langham, Chicago


Turning 30 was a huge milestone! Months prior to my birthday, I felt pressure to plan an insane celebration. Should I invite my friends on an international trip? Should I go crazy in Vegas? Or, should I stay local and host a dinner party in Birmingham?  

Pressure led to procrastination. Before I knew it, my birthday was a month away and I had no plans. So - I threw the celebration options that I had been considering out the window and decided to celebrate alone. But where?

This was an easy question to answer. Chicago is one of my favorite cities. I love the energy, culture, food and I love to stay at The Langham, Chicago. This time I leveled up and went for Club access so that I would have no reason to leave the hotel. 

The Room

I stayed in a spacious River View Suite, and you can vacation by just staying in the room! It's the definition of luxe: hardwood floors, bespoke furnishings, clean, neutral color palette, floor-to-ceiling windows, deep soaking tub, and picturesque views of the Chicago River and the city’s iconic architecture (images via Langham). 

The Service

Club access is worth it! The already excellent service is raised to another level. You notice upon arrival, with private check-in provided by a Club butler. Once I settled into my suite, I was able to hand over the wrinkled contents of my suitcase and have my clothing pressed and returned to me within hours.  This was super helpful since I had several photoshoots throughout the weekend. 

The butler staff go above and beyond to make your stay amazing. For example, I mentioned that I was celebrating my birthday, and a few surprises showed up including a bath kit and a b-day dessert. 

The Fourth Floor

via Langham

via Langham

The fourth floor is home to the hotel's gym, pool and spa. I recommend that you spend time in all three areas. Even if you do not book a spa service, you can still access the relaxing saunas and steam room. The pool is heated, but if the water is not warm enough for you there is an adjacent jacuzzi. I managed to snag an entire hour alone in the pool which was perfect for prayer and meditation. 


I came to Chicago anxious and stressed, and the Langham was the perfect place for me to shed that energy before 30. I left with a clear head, restored attitude and direction from God. It's amazing how three days of solitude and a little luxury can change your life. 

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