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Giving My Spending Habits A Talking To


After buying my first home and getting hit with a tax bill, I’m finally giving my spending habits a talking to.

This is all in an effort to rebuild savings and to make sure that I’ve handled the things that no one wants to do — like increasing my 401k contributions and getting a will and trust on file. 

As I embark on this journey I figured I’d share the resources that are helping me along the way. 

This week is all about podcasts. Here’s my one, two punch:


Journey to Launch — Jamilla shares personal insight and invites special guests to help us eliminate debt, save more, decrease expenses, retire early, find passion and increase wealth.

Favorite things I’ve learned: the importance of investing outside of a 401k & you either need to cut expenses or figure out how to earn more. Sometimes generating more income is more practical 🤷🏾‍♂️.


Color Full Lives — this State Farm sponsored podcast is anchored by Angela Yee and she’s joined across four seasons by various cohosts Aminatou Sow and Hey Fran Hey. The ladies cover a variety of topics including insights on how to get the most out of life when it comes to work, friendship, health and love.

Favorite thing I’ve learned: how to buy a house Angela Yee spilled all the helpful tea 🍵!