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Designing A Book Cover Is Harder Than It Looks!

BEYOND 1316.png

I've been working hard to curate my coffee table book, Beyond 1316, but struggled with "writers block" while trying to design the cover. I thought I had it all figured out. I would shoot the cover on a trip to Mexico and use the minimalist, framed design layout of Selfish


The shoot went well, and I started designing the layout, but I didn't LOVE it. So I turned to one of my best friends/Creative Director for feedback and she pushed me to put my face on the cover. I pushed back, but also knew that she was right and that I had to re-shoot. 

Since I'm self-publishing and curating the project myself, I wanted the cover image to be a self portrait. So I setup three different looks and got busy! After dozens of layouts, I was able to finalize the cover and get back to the inside content. 

Check out some of the covers that ended up on the cutting room floor:  

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