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Three Things To Do In Birmingham, Alabama


I've lived in Birmingham, Alabama for five years and can now say with confidence that "I like it here." I'm from the south, but tend to feel more at home in cities like Chicago, New York or San Diego. Still, the combination of making new friends and the city's steady growth has helped me warm up to #Bham. If you are visiting, or live here and are looking to try something new, here are three things to do in Birmingham.  

                         via Yelp

                         via Yelp

  1. The Burger & The Coconut Cake - I know you're thinking these two things don't go together, but they happen to be my favorite menu items from downtown, Five Points South restaurant Chez Fonfon. Chez Fonfon is a French bistro that serves up classic French fare: steak tartare, sautéed trout with brown butter, escargots, and homemade charcuterie. However, that's not why I go. IMO they have the best burger in Birmingham and you should top it off with a slice of their flavorful coconut cake. 

    Tip: On Friday and Saturday this place is bustling, and they don't take reservations. Either be prepared to wait or get there early for quick seating. 
  2. #BhamPhotoWalk - Spoiler alert. This activity is for the artsy creative-types who live in the city. #BhamPhotoWalk is a monthly event where photographers and creatives meet up and hit the streets of Bham to explore and create content. It's not only a great way to discover downtown, but you'll also meet awesome locals like me, lol. 
  3. The Bar Flight - If you're looking to bar hop, my three favorite bars are Carrigan's Public House, The Collins and The Rooftop at Redmont. 
via Carrigan's

via Carrigan's

  • Carrigan's  is a craft cocktail and beer bar located on Morris Avenue in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. The bartenders will mix you a custom drink based on your preferences AND the bar food is fancy. 
  • The Collins bar is my go-to when I'm ready to wind the night down, but not ready to call it a night. There's community seating inside and if you're friendly, you'll end up playing Cards Against Humanity with fun folks. 
  • The Roof at Redmont is one of the newest bars in the city. The historic Redmont hotel has recently been renovated resulting in the chicest rooftop experience you'll  get in Birmingham. In fact, my first time there Charles Barkley was randomly hanging out. 
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